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I had another post in mind. But it hit a speedbump. Which is fine. I understand. But it brought up a valid point.

Weddings are intensely personal, private things. And yet, in the current technology-filled times, they aren’t. They’re on the blogosphere, they’re in the media. They’re EVERYWHERE.

Meg at A Practical Wedding wrote in a post some time ago about keeping some privacy in your wedding.

ESB tweeted about being super pissed if someone tweeted a sh*tty cellphone pic of your wedding.

Offbeat Bride has featured more than a couple weddings where the ceremony was just the couple and the reception included everyone else. Or where the couple whispered their vows to one another.

When our photos went live and our slideshow (have you watched it yet???) went up, I went crazy with emailing it to people and posting on Facebook. I even staged a viewing in my office.

But, some people aren’t that attention crazy. And maybe it’s not just about the attention.

For me, while (I’m an only child, so … derrr.) I do love attention, it’s more about sharing. Sharing with people who couldn’t be there, reminiscing with those that were. Sharing those great moments that not everyone sees on a day-to-day basis. Sharing something special.

I, personally, love to show everyone what an awesome time we had. How much love was in the air, how into karaoke we get and what a great bunch of people we had around us. I worked two damn years on the thing. Of course I want to show it off!

But there are people who would rather keep their weddings, marriages, intensely private. Who don’t want to share ideas, details or pictures. Who want to store them for their own little stash, to return to when they want to without people pestering them. To remember the moments for themselves without others weighing in or providing commentary. And that’s awesome. It’s special. And sweet.

Above all, the decision to shout about your wedding from the treetops or keep your photos hidden in a cubbyhole should be yours and your husbands.

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You know those movies that are sweet but make you feel so awkward?

This is one of them.

Like when Richard asks Christine out, finally.

Richard: Do you want to sit down?

She looks at him.

Richard: You know, like with coffee or something.

Christine: Yeah.

It’s sweet. And good.

Get it. Watch it. Enjoy Miranda July and Me, You and Everyone We Know.

Christine, looking at her mobile: We have a whole life to live together, F*cker. But it can’t start until you call me.

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Hunting for an apartment is kind of like wedding planning.

You begin with a specific, ideal vision.

Wedding: Dress, decor, extras, theme, headpieces.

Apartment: Two bedrooms, decent counter space, allows dogs, less than $1,100, has fenced-in yard, big kitchen, utilities, two-year lease, close to bus stop, stand alone.

And then you look. At lots. Magazines, TV shows, books, movies, blogs, newspapers, websites. And then you look at prices. And talk to people, professional and not. And make lots of calls, send lots of emails.

And your idea evolves. $500 for a cake display? Maybe not. What about a sweet or mod or otherwise different dress? Maybe a head thingy made by a friend?

Or maybe it’s sacrificing a yard in order to be next to the dog park. Or paying $1,100 plus utilities, but getting a two-bedroom just a few blocks from the current digs. Or living in a four-unit complex, but having separate entrances and end unit. But it is available rightthisverysecond and the deposit is only a few hundred.

Either way, both are big life endeavors. It’s about finding the balance between what the ideal is and what reasonably fits without giving up too much of want you want. Maybe it’s paying $1,200 per month, utilities included, for a huge apartment with a yard but is inconvenient location-wise. Or shelling out $6000 but getting four days of photography and rights to the images. Maybe it’s finding that dress that just works and getting it altered just so.

As long as you’re happy and comfortable, it’s all good. Right?

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Wedinated: Ruth and Nate. Fin.

Ok, here we go. The grand finale of Ruth and Nate’s awesome York, Australia, wedding. This is so sweet, and Duane Orriss of Orriss Films did such a lovely job. In my mind, he nailed it.

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Wedinated: Ruth and Nate, Part Trois

Yes, there’s MOAR. Nate and Ruth had entirely too much awesometasticness for me to pass up … however, I don’t do trilogies. So here’s part three … with one more to come. xo!

Photography: Sunny + Scout Photography

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Wedinated: Ruth and Nate, Part Deux

I told you I’d do multiples. So here we go with more photo happiness. No words, just ogling.


Photographer: Louise Buma (Sister-in-Law)
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Wedinated: Ruth and Nate.

When I first saw Ruth and Nate’s wedding pictures, I had a bit of a swoon. AND THEN I WATCHED THEIR VIDEO. And read Ruth’s words (let’s face it folks, I love the visual). And it all ties together. Check out the groomsman in the cardigan. Yes. And the baby with the Chucks. AND SHE HAD BALLOONS. These guys did it green, did it familial and did it with Chucks. My words don’t do it justice. Also? She supplied me with so much and I can’t choose. So, here goes my first multi-post!
























Name: Nate and Ruth Buma

Age: Nate, 28 and Ruth, 26

Occupation: Nate, Petroleum Engineer and Ruth, PA/HR/Church Volunteer

Wedding location: Uniting Church (Ceremony) and Laurelville Manor (Reception), York Western Australia

Wedding Date: 8 May 2011

Length of engagement: 4 months and a couple days!












Tell me about your wedding: It was a family affair! My aunty did our hair, my sister made the wedding cake, Nate’s grandmother made my dress, our bridal party and “speech makers” mostly comprised of family, my mum did all the stationary, my sister-in-law took photos … so it was very family orientated!
























I spent many moons on blogs getting ideas for the style, and Nate sourced EVERYTHING from far and wide.

We wanted it to be as organic and local as possible so we used the town and as many as the locals as we could which turned out to be amazing and really contributed to the country feel! The florist was local, as was the caterer, as was the kind man we hired the vintage car from. We used the heritage buildings and farmers fields to take photos … it was a really relaxed vibe. A few months back York had terrible storms and the ladies who run the Uniting Church, lost the roof to a building adjacent to the church that they use for teas and such things – we made a donation to their roof fund and they put a delicious afternoon tea on for us after our ceremony which was very sweet!

























While we were having photos taken, we had lawn bowls and cocktails (country style) back at our reception venue. That apparently (coz we were getting photos taken) was great idea! Good time, killer!

We wrote our own vows, which added a really personal and special touch to the ceremony!
It was just a really great experience for us! Relaxed and fun and a great reflection of us!












What was your favorite part of your wedding? I loved my dress. I loved the styling of our bridal party, with each person in their own interpretation of our colour scheme/ vibe that we wanted. I loved that it had so much of our nearest and dearest involved. I loved the country feel, and all the detail we had going on.












What disasters did you avert … or not avert and how did you deal with it? We left our seating plan until about 3 hours before the event kicked off! In a hurry to get it done we left some really key people off the plan so when they got there, they didn’t see their names anywhere, which was rather unpleasant for them! HAHA! Luckily they are close enough friends to know that we wanted them there so they did not leave! EEEEK!



































Was there anything you would have done differently, or do you have any regrets about how something went? I would have had it on a day that suited my brothers better so they could have been there! But other than that, nope – it was a dream come true and I loved every moment!












What was your biggest challenge in planning? Sourcing the detail. I had got some really great ideas from different USA based wedding blogs and I found it really hard to get some of the things I wanted (eg glass drinking dispensers for the cocktails!)! It took a lot of energy, time and patience on Nates behalf!






















What lessons did you learn from planning or from the wedding itself? That it takes time and patience to hunt down a bargain and that NOTHING is impossible!












What was your biggest “holyamazeballzI’mfreakininlove!” moment? We has spent ages trying to organize a vintage car, it didn’t make sense to get one to drive out from Perth, so after weeks of trying to organize something, Nate just packed the idea in, and we decided to go with the very non-vintage, community bus! When it came time for me and the girls to leave the Manor where we were getting ready, this insane, OLD SCHOOL, beautiful car pulled up! Nate had organized it in the last couple days and I had no idea! So I was so so so so thrilled!! YAY! I still love thinking back to that moment! Another real special moment was in that car, on the way, I was with my dad, and that was pretty memorable.

What were your top 5 favorite things about your wedding?
Nate’s vows
My sister’s brilliant effort with our 5 layered cake!
Loved my wedding dress – Grandma made my dream come true!
The styling (if we don’t say so ourselves!)
My cousin coming over from South Africa, my longest standing friend coming over from Adelaide and my grandmother coming over from East Coast













Top 5 least favorite?
It was a very stressful lead up. Nate and I had a very specific idea of what we wanted, and some things were a bit, non traditional, and we did get a bit of “abrasion” from the more formal family members – my least favourite thing was the stress of souring the detail.
Money issues are always not fun! And I am no budgeter so that was rather difficult! I was rattling off demands and wants and poor Nate was trying to manage the money side of things!
My younger brother ended up not being able to attend which was quite sad. He unexpectedly had to go overseas to an Olympic qualifier












What was the worst piece of wedding advice you received? A video is not needed! Thank goodness we did not listen to that! We did and here is the trailer – (Eds. note: the full video will be in a later post. You know you want to keep watching.)

The best? A work mate said to me, that during the evening, Nate and I should go for a walk for about 5 mins, to a spot where we could see our wedding in front of us and just take a moment to breath and soak it up and acknowledge that this was our time. That was a great piece of advice and a memory I will always treasure.





























Cake: Jo Pletts (Sister) from

Stationary: Avrile Bird
Photographer: Louise Buma (Sister-in-Law)




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Batter Up.

It’s baseball season.

I mean, it HAS been since April. Derr.

But. The race is on. And the Red Sox, while leading the AL East, just dropped 2 of 3 to the Mariners. Ugh.

This is my favorite part of the season (second favorite? The very beginning. Because when the slopes close, the diamonds open).

I like that I can come home, crack a beer, indulge in pizza or wings and watch 9 innings of awesome. I like the nail-biters, like last week when my boys went into extra innings two days in a row.

I like watching Papi, Pedroia, Youk, Ellsbury and the rest power those bats and field balls.

It’s awesome.

P.S.: This is still one of my Top 10 All-time favorite movies.

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Wedinated: Rebecca and Evan.

Bec is an old friend of Aussie’s. When I snuck some looks at her pics, I knew that there was no way I could not not have her on here. They’re so pretty and vintage-y. Their day looked like a swoonable old-school love story. Just the kind that makes me go “d-awwwww.” Without further ado …

Name: Rebecca

Age: 27

Occupation: Marketing coordinator

Wedding location: The Belvoir

Wedding Date: 6th of March 2011

Length of engagement: 7 months

Tell me about your wedding: We had a traditional wedding, held outside in a garden. The vows were the old school promises (without obey 😉 ) with a lovely speech by the pastor about there being three people in our relationship – Evan, Me and God. After we exchanged the rings, our parents came up and prayed for us. It was short and sweet.

What was your favorite part of your wedding? I loved getting ready with the girls and my dad, and the little moments I had alone with my groom.

What disasters did you avert … or not avert and how did you deal with it? There were confusions over family photos so as a result some were missed. Also I had given the venue the name cards in order of where they were sitting, however they went by the order of the names on the seating chart list, and it was averted as a week earlier I had also sent an email with the order so they went back and changed it.

The bridesmaids dresses were not finished till 3 days before the wedding so that was a little stressful too. OH also the jeweler lost our ring order and we got them the Friday before the wedding hahaha!

Was there anything you would have done differently, or do you have any regrets about how something went? I was not too fussed on the details at the time as all I really cared about was marrying Evan, now I wish I had spent a little more time planning ( I was living overseas for the first 3 months of the engagement so I could not do much). I wish I didn’t worry so much about how much everyone else was enjoying themselves and enjoyed it more myself! But all in all it was a great afternoon / evening.

What was your biggest challenge in planning? Time.

What lessons did you learn from planning or from the wedding itself? Just go with the flow, know what you can compromise on and know what you definitely want.

What was your biggest “holyamazeballzI’mfreakininlove!” moment? How right it felt, I had no cold feet moments, no second guesses, me and Evan just make sense.

What were your top 5 favorite things about your wedding?
Marrying Evan
My dress
Walking down the Aisle
The people

Top 5 least favorite?
The stress on the day
Family Photo chaos
That’s all!

What was the worst piece of wedding advice you received? none

The best? Get a videographer because the day goes so fast!

What from your wedding vows/ceremony still holds the truest? Being there for each other no matter what.

Any other bits of wisdom? Get a videographer because the day goes so fast!
Relax and take it all in.
Also try not to put too much pressure on the day because in the end it is just one day of the rest of your life together.

Venue: The Belvoir Homestead
Photography: Wheatbelt Photography
Cake: Glory Box Wedding Cakes
Dresses: Cupids Bridal
Flowers: Devine Creations Jodee
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The Virgin Suicides

I forgot how freaking good this movie is.

And how hot Kirsten Dunst is.



I hate long hair … but I loooove him and the name.

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