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I die.

Via Style Me Pretty.

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The Whole Shebang.

Shaner was in town last weekend. Thank god. I needed to have some time with her in the worst way. We had a ton of fun … maybe too much (ha! Just kidding. Impossible).

Anyway, we got to play dress up for a hot second. I finally got to try my entire outfit on together. Veil, dress, shoes, jewelry. All at once. For the first time.

No, sorry, you don’t get pics. This one’s actually a surprise. (I know! How could I do that to you?!? The nerve.)

But, let me tell you …


Also? Screw the pinwheels. I can’t pick. What about ribbons on dowels?

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Soo … y’all know how Kath made me that veil? Well, I asked if she could shorten it a bit so it didn’t obscure the back of my dress (what with all the awesomeness that is now taking place there). She did. And she edged it. And it looks AWESOME!




























































Thank you so much, Kath! It’s so perfect!

Also? I love that the way the edging turned out, it now matches the hem of the dress. Yes!!!


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Hair Bling!!!

So, the lovely, wonderful and amazeballz Kate Cope worked her talented magic and made me a hair thingy!










Sorry it’s kind of blurry, I had to resize it. But rad, yeah?


Thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!!!

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Bedazzle My Besa.

So, barring someone finding some awesome sparkly blue headband, I’m gonna get this.

Jewel Rhinestone Headband- Satin ribbon, tie on

via LuciaBella on Etsy

Like? Dislike? Wanna throw up in your mouth?

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