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About that …



Holy bananas, people. I know I’ve been straight-dreadful at posting lately. Life not only caught up with me, but completely bowled me over.

So, you know I’ve been blogging for The Broke-Ass Bride as their new Real Weddings contributor. It’s super awesome, I’m learning tons and it’s a lot of work. But in the bestfreakingwaypossible. It’s a great venue for writing for me and also being able to reach out and remember how exciting that post-wedding halo is. Brides get STOKED to have their stuff appear on a blog they love. I would know. That’s how I’ve felt with the Offbeat Bride post, the Broke-Ass Bride post and Kat’s recap on Persimmon Images.

On top of this, and my regularly scheduled real job, I’ve been asked to edit a second book for someone I have already edited a book for.

Also, it snowed. So I finally was able to get out on my snowboard. Aussie and I miraculously had a day off together and he was even more miraculously able to get his hands on his work pass, so we got to spend a whole glorious day cruising the mountain. It was a nice respite from reading words constantly. It was a perfect bluebird day, there were plenty of powder pockets to be destroyed and our playlists couldn’t have been more appropriate.

Also, the tickets for Shannypantses wedding this summer are booked, and I ordered a smokin’ hot dress for it.

I’m seeking out a couple new business possibilities right now as well, so we’ll see what comes to fruition. Keep your fingers crossed!

Finally … I freaking want to go to this concert SOOOO BAD. If only money did, in actuality, grow on trees.

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Vintage? Try again.

East Side Bride has a great guest post up from Noa of Feather Love Photography about the overabundant use of the word vintage in today’s weddingland. 

I know I used it at least once or twice during our planning. And I see it everywhere. In blog titles, in descriptions of products on Etsy or other sites. On photographer’s blogs describing their style. EVERYWHERE.

Before you start throwing it around like it ain’t no one’s bidness, plz read what Noa has to say.

Photo via Pinterest via The Daily Oyster via Vogue Nov. 2005

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I got a new toy. We discussed how I needed something a bit more mobile than our laptop, which seems to be drawing closer to death on a daily basis.

So … Our big debate was whether I should get an iPod Touch or a Kindle Fire.

For me, it came down to one thing. Camera.

So Apple won out and I can now literally blog on the go.



Also, now I have Instagram and it’s funnn.


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Oh, hey. Wanna hear somethin’ cool?

My first contribution to The Broke-Ass Bride went up today.

I’m sharing all the deets of a pink-and-zebra jazzy luuurrrrvvveee-filled wedding.

Check it.

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Well, we’re halfway there to a whole damn year. Many of my favorite blogs are doing a roundup of posts, or best of’s or sumthin’ sumthin’ of that sort.

But, considering just six months ago we took the plunge, tied the knot, got wedinated, I thought it more apt to talk about that.

In the 184 days since that radtastic day on the beach in Hawaii, there’s been a lot of momentum in the Moynihan-Hunter household:

We got a new apartment, just the three of us.

– I got a promotion.

– We both turned 27.

– We had our first Thanksgiving together.

– We shared our first New Year’s kiss.

-We met some amazing friends, and watched those amazing friends move away.

– I got a gig contributing to one of my favorite blogs.

– One of our good friends got engaged.

– Said friend became a dad for a second time.


– And we’ve grown closer, day by day.

There have been adventures, some good, some bad, that have arisen in our journey together in the last six months. I hope every day will hold the promise and opportunity of us building our bond and enjoying every minute together.

Happy Half-iversary, love.

Top photo: Persimmon Images.

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