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I was amazingly productive.

… well, at least on Saturday I was. Fridays when Aussie and I both have the day off, not much gets done. A lot of TV show marathoning and Interwebbing and video gaming. But Saturday!!!

I finally got our kitchen table cleaned off … and cleaned the rest of the kitchen in the process. I went grocery shopping, which was a huge catalyst for the whirlwind of cleanliness. We don’t have much storage space in our kitchen and even less counter space, so I had to get creative with stash spots. I rearranged the cupboards so they made more sense. I cleaned ALL THE THINGS and made sure everything had a place. I also *derp* realized the best place for the trash can to A) be out of the way and B) be inaccessible to the houndface would be under the sink. That only took a month to figure out.

I also made some headway on our room.

I think I really need some cute storage baskets for the shelves so it doesn’t just look like they’re oozing garments. Something like:

They would help make it more decorative … and organized.

I also made a huge pot of spaghetti sauce and Pinned for a while.

Hubert enjoyed it all from his perch on the back of the couch.


How was your weekend?

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Whinge whinge bloody whinge

I’m an idiot and didn’t compile my guest list properly the first go-round. Now I’m trying to make sense of the myriad spreadsheets, Wed-site ‘tools’ and various scribblings that comprise The List. It’s a headache and a nightmare, but hopefully I’ll have my shit together eventually and have one fantastic master to work off.


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