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Wedinated: Ruth and Nate, Part Deux

I told you I’d do multiples. So here we go with more photo happiness. No words, just ogling.


Photographer: Louise Buma (Sister-in-Law) www.sunnyandscout.com.au
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We Win.

We’re home after an exhausting but amazing journey. It all went by so fast and I’m just trying to piece it all together at this point. Luckily we don’t have to go back to work for a few more days, so as we work our way through our mountain of laundry, we can soak in the enormity of it all.

Thank you everyone, near and far, who helped make it so wonderful.


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Up up and away!

I love this idea. And the hotel said they’ve never had someone use balloons for most of the decorations. Cheaper than flowers, way more fun to look at and you don’t have to deal with wilting … as much.

Cascading Arches

Around The World - 'Just Married' ~ $60


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