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Bedazzle My Besa.

So, barring someone finding some awesome sparkly blue headband, I’m gonna get this.

Jewel Rhinestone Headband- Satin ribbon, tie on

via LuciaBella on Etsy

Like? Dislike? Wanna throw up in your mouth?

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Yes, Please.

BOSTON RED SOX Inspired Wedding Garter Set  Navy

go team.


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Pinwheels and Parasols … Oh My!!!

I’ve really loved the idea of having a parasol for the pictures. And it’s kind of a silly idea because I know the concept of shipping it or packing it is going to be a huge ass pain … but still.

Custom Painted Parasol - Thank You, Mahalo, Amore, Gracias

I’ve loved pretty much every picture I’ve seen with a parasol. I really need to think this over.

But … I do love these and WILL FIND A WAY!!!

I’ve found a website where I can either order fully assembled ones or DIY ones, which could make for a great lounge on the beach and assemble project. Just a thought. And I wouldn’t need many … they’re just going to line the aisle.

And I’m still hooked on the balloon idea. Lurve it.


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