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Here’s a Jumping Photo I Can *almost* Get Behind.

We all know how I feel about jumping photos.

But … this one featured on Ruffled today is pretty rad.











Via Ruffled via Lizelle Lotter Photography.

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Gettin’ Serrrrious.

Alright, kidlets. I need help. In my quest to win the Interwebz and be a “successful” blogger (everyone’s definition of success is different. Mine is to work for myself and be able to write about what I love … obv.) I need to start featuring stuff that isn’t just about me.

So … are you getting married? Did you get married, even ages ago? Do you have friends who are getting married? Wanna share? I’d love stories, photos, musings, etc. Let’s see all the prettiness, intellectualism and all around amazeballzness. Of course, please cite all sources.

Email me at: halfpint.words at gmail dot com.

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Spreading the Love.

This organization helps breast cancer patients by helping make their wedding dreams come true. I think it’s radtastic and Kat turned me on to it.


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