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Hey!!! You guys!!! Need something to read? Something sane, funny and, um, PRACTICAL?

I think you do. So, you should jump on over to Amazon and pick up Meg of A Practical Wedding’s book.

Meg’s been working on it for a while. And it’s only $9.60 for the paperback and $9.99 for the kindle. Hey, even if you aren’t engaged, it’s worth a read. Because she talks about life AFTER the wedding. I know. Awesome.

Get it here.

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APW Strikes Again.

Today’s APW saw the last one and raised it by quite a bit.

Valeria lost her father during her wedding planning. She planned a destination wedding that was “in the middle” of her and her groom’s families. She made her own freaking dress.

The post, one of the most level-headed and sad yet blissfully happy I’ve ever read, comes in two parts. Check it out here and here.


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I’m in the midst of preparing a new Wedinated post (from Australia!!!), but in the meantime I wanted to share this Wedding Graduate post from A Practical Wedding.

It’s … really smart. And it deals with the rightthatverymoment worries I’m already dreading. No music during the ceremony? All the real work, the sweat, the effort being lumped into an indiscernible pile with the potential of no clear future? The stress, the fear, the anxiety?

It’s a really honest post. And something I think even the most organized among us still has a moment of experiencing.


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Grand advice from a practical bride

The following words comes from the blog at apracticalwedding.com

I read it. I loved it. I got it.

Presenting the best wedding advice ever:

You guys.

This is too important to bury in the comments. So here we go:


Did you get that? It’s not an imposition on *anyone.* And let me tell you why. It’s not because your guests will have fun at your wedding (though, duh, they will), it’s because your guests are grown-ass people. They are GROWN UPS. If your wedding is too expensive, or too far away, or just too much of a bother? They won’t come. If you’re lucky, they’ll be very kind when they tell you about it. If you’re not lucky? Then you didn’t want them there anyway (try to remember that mid-sob, it was hard for me.)

But the people that come to your wedding? Well, let me quote the wise Marisa-Andrea, “This is what I have learned: The people who love you and care about you will not feel like your wedding is a burden or an imposition. They will be thrilled that out of all of the people you could have invited, you want THEM. The (editors note: FEW) people who do feel burdened — eh. You are always going to have someone who isn’t satisfied.*”

And if they are not grown ups? If they are quite small? Well. I trust you are serving cake and punch and giving them room to run around? If so, they’ll remember your wedding fondly for the rest of their lives, and they’ll hope one day their wedding will be just like it.


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