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Prep: Me.

Once we got back to the hotel and stood awkwardly around for a bit, then ran around doing some last-minute errands, it was time to shower and begin the process of getting ready. Of course, being me, I allowed entirely too much time between returning from the Love Pond and my appointment with Mara. So I sat around for a while. I wrote a blog post, checked my FaceSpace, drank a warm beer and just kind of chilled. Kat showed up and started taking pics of the extraneous little things, and eventually Mara showed up to get the surprisingly long process of making me all purdyfied out of the way. Remember how I wanted my hair originally? Yeah, well, my hair doesn’t do that. But I dug the end result.

*P.S.: There’s some bra action, though minor, in this post. Divert your eyes/computer screen, if you must.*

Pretty sure I'm telling Shane to keep the beverages flowing.

Beginning of the braid dilemma.

Solution to the braid dilemma.

Mimosas ease frustration. It's a fact.

Another awesome thing about best friends? They actually force you to eat. Burgers.

The finger waves that never would.

My hair is, apparently, as stubborn as its bearer.

Let Round 2 commence!


Airbrushing: Good for nixing forehead spots and tan lines.

Mara totally had the set up. Even if there was an obscene amount of pink.

I begged for this. And ran out of time to put it on.

More failure!!!

Damn you, follicles!

Shane likes to carry big black garbage bags around. Whatevs.

Mama Sooz.


My favorites.

It takes a team.

Shaner trained for months for this.

Smells like team spirit.

Mama's job.

The whole process took about 3.5 to 4 hours, which was considerably longer than I’d thought. My hair refused to cooperate, which dragged the whole experience out. Mara was such a trooper, and finally after about the third try on the finger waves, she asked if she could just sweep my bangs to the side. At that point, I was totally for whatever she was suggesting. She did such a fantastic job and fully put up with all of our goofiness.

Hair and makeup: Mara at Lilikoi Hair Studio.
Venue: Mauna Lani Bay Hotel & Bungalows
All photos by Persimmon Images.

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The Beauty Department.

Don’t know it? You should. Especially for its braid tutorials.

Click the image to check the tutorial. There’s also some rad makeup tips. Ogle away.

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It’s Here.

Today is the day. I know. What the hell am I doing on the Interwebz?!?

Truth be told, I’m waiting to get my hair and make up done. And you know what? I’m not nervous. I’ve loved him for a long time. Today is our three-year anniversary. It’s actually more of a relief that it’s finally here. It feels like I’ve been planning for two years … oh, wait. Ha.

In three hours we will make that final commitment to one another (all nicely nestled into an 8-minute ceremony). And then it’ll be done. And I can’t wait.


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Follicle Follies.

As we are all aware, I am having a rather hairy issue. Ha. Really, just in that I can’t make up my oh-so Libra mind on what to do with my follicles. I keep going back and forth between the retro-y pincurl look and a more romantic braided look. But, with the help of my darling, uh-mazeballs Sammie Sam, we may have reached a good compromise.

I fell in love with this look a few days ago when I saw it on Style Me Pretty.
























But I still want the retro element … so of course the brilliant Sammie suggested “Hey, why don’t you add a pompadour?” A la Gwen?

Pure genius.

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It’s Coming to Hair-Raising Extremes

Because I can’t effing decide. So, you all saw the Billie Piper/Brigitte Bardot headband idea. But I’m still kind of hooked on victory rolls. It’s just so … different from anything I would normally do. And as I was perusing Unique Vintage today (love love love the dresses!), I stumbled upon a do I love. Maybe not as ringlet-y at the bottom, but in general really stellar.

Obviously not with a big, white, floofy flower. Maybe a little sparkly bling instead.


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Mayhaps I Just Need A Project

Mayhaps. Something to keep me busy, something I can own as my very own. Maybe something like …

Via Etsy.

My own headpiece. I think … maybe … I’ve settled on a hairstyle. It’ll be a hybrid between


You know, with the ribbon then the poof then hair down.

Can I do it?

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Soooo … I’ve been stalking the inspiration boards on Offbeat Bride

And STILLLLLLL can’t figure out what to do with my dumb mane.

Keep in  mind it’s thin and fine. And I like my bangs … because then I don’t look like I’m twelveteen. But I would REALLY appreciate some input. Or else I’ll just shave it off, Sinead-style, bitches.

And then, of course there’s the Ms. Bardot I posted earlier.

Thoughts? Direction?

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Bedazzle My Besa.

So, barring someone finding some awesome sparkly blue headband, I’m gonna get this.

Jewel Rhinestone Headband- Satin ribbon, tie on

via LuciaBella on Etsy

Like? Dislike? Wanna throw up in your mouth?

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