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Can’t Stop This Feeling …

Of the tropics, that is.


Upon our return, we went grocery shopping. And, as it were, we ended up buying a lot of items we had consumed in Hawaii. Not the least of which was a pineapple-orange juice mix and a carton of guava juice. Straight up passionfruit juice is hard to come by, so I figured this would be the next best thing to the POG juice I so fell in love with.

Not only was it a rad pick-me-up in the morning with my coffee (as a side, not IN), but it mixed really well with … anything. Tonight’s pick? Sailor Jerry’s rum. Which, incidentally, we found for the first time EVAR in a bar at Tommy Bahama‘s when we were having lunch. Imagine Aussie’s delight!

The transition back into work hasn’t been hard … just, uneventful. Obv. I wish I was still on vacation. But we did have a few great moments before we got back into the swing.

On Monday night we had a pseudo-“Farewell vacation/honeymoon” dinner. The food could have been better, but the company was delightful. We even ordered a bottle of Greg Norman sparkling wine as a minor ode to our beloved friends Down Under (and possibly those in Cali, since it’s made there).

And on the bus, I was kind of giggling about how our shoe choice hasn’t changed since the wedding. Except my nice wedding flip-flops have disappeared from existence. Le sigh.

I’m not really sure if the yearning for a tropical clime will leave me, now that I got it again for the first time in about 10 years. But hey, at least I know housing is cheap there and it could always be a contingency plan.


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I know I shouldn’t have, but I did it anyway

Yeah … remember how I said I thought my shoes were too dark? Welllll … they were. And of course, since I uber love shopping for shoes, I was cruisin’ the Interwebz a couple weeks ago and Leigh was looking over my shoulder when he spotted these beauties.

And just so y’all don’t think I’m completely cracked, here’s them side-by-side so you can compare. The new ones are lighter than *my* blue, but they’re so … le sigh. And lighter won’t clash as bad as darker.

One of these kids is not like the others

Prettttyyyyy. xo

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Baby steps … or more like Jolly Green Giant steps

Ok, so horrible stuff aside, we’ve made some great strides in Weddingland.

I got the dress. I got the shoes. And they fit!!! But …

We’ve also booked our wonderful, amazing, fantastical photographer. Introducing …

The lovely Kat and her equally awesome husband, Justin, from Persimmon Images. Check ’em out:


I found Kat via The Broke-Ass Bride thebrokeassbride.com/, which is one of the awesome sites that have helped me maintain sanity.

Alllssssoooo … I’ve gotten some more brooches, which the beyond-all-amazingness Kath (aka Leigh’s mum) has been working on for me. But, my darlings, I need more. Keep those eyeballs peeled!!!

I’ve decided I’m doing a veil (gasp! shock!) and am still looking for a tiara.

Aaaaannnndddd … get readdy to dance everyone. And yes, girls, that means you. You’ll be shakin’ those boootttaaaayys down the aisle with Leigh’s homeboys. Song shall be determined at a later date, but I promise you’ll be OK with it. And yes, Jelly, we will drink beforehand. Don’t you worry.

I’m still working on hair ideas, and makeup … because, let’s face it, I’m NO pro with those face shades. And we’re finding Leigh SHORTS (yes, he’s decided shorts. I win?).

Get ready for some fun, Kids. And bring the Advil.


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To top … or bottom … it off …

Here’s the shoes!!!





Retro Shoes Teal Satin peep Toe Pumps with Black Trim

Aaannnnddd … out of stock. Harumph.



Too good to be true.

The shoes were sold out. Just found out. And, P.S., don’t you think ordering from online and all, they would have been able to let me know this before … oh, I don’t know … I ordered them and got super stoked about it? blech.

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I am eternally grateful to my darling Sammie-Sam

for finding these beauties. I ordered both a 5.5 and a 6. And they’re cheap!!

Turquoise Blue Polka Dot High Heel Sandal

Thank you hunny bunny!!!


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