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How sweet it is

Just browsing around and saw this. Remember me saying I wanted to incorporate pool somehow? Well …. this pretty much rocks my socks.


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Sweet tooth

Maybe it’s because I’ve had a horrible, wretched, nagging, non-stop craving for chocolate lately, or perhaps it’s because I can’t think about anything else to spend hours looking at pictures of. Regardless, I’ve had cake on the mind. And not just any cake, but blue cake, decorated cake, cupcake, chocolate cake, vanilla cake, cake with fondant, cake with buttercream. Cake cake cake.

Cake Cake, Brown, Blue, Decadence, Circles

Flowers, CakeCake, White, Red, Themed, The historic del monte building, Baseball

Cake, Cakes, Suzy berberian, a dream day, Patisserie angelica, Individual cake, Small cake, Petite cake Wedding, Cake, Pink, Blue, Purple, Modern

Cake Cake

Reception, Cake, Pink, White, Green, Wedding, Yellow, Turquoise, Colors, Bright, Cupcakes, Lime, Summer

All photos courtesy of ProjectWedding.com

I LOVE CUPCAKES!!!!! I think the idea of a cupcake tower is so much fun, especially with some of the ideas we’re leaning toward. But the question is … what flavor???? Something normal? Something fun? Normal with a twist?



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