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Uh .

I’m not really sure what this is trying to convey, as it looks more like he’s wearing gray than white, so it reads to me like he’ll only say those things if she wears white to their wedding, and it’s not a mutual thing where they both wear white … etc. It makes me uncomfortable, but I know it’s trying to be sweet.


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Sticker Shock.

Srsly. It floors me sometimes when looking around for something cute/fun/pretty to add to the Wedination and I realize it costs as much as our tickets to Hawaii. Fo real. I mean, if I only paid about a hundo for The Dress, how am I possibly going to shell out $225 for a hair accessory? Not that I would, but it’s the principle. I mean, I know some people can afford it. I know some people wouldn’t even bat an eye at spending an ungodly amount on an effing candlestick. But what about the rest of us poor saps? What if we don’t want to spend $40 on a bobby pin? Or $80 on a guest book that will end up in some drawer somewhere only to be looked at when we’re feeling especially nostalgic?

I know the WIC is part of the reason why brides and grooms feel obligated to go spend-crazy on their weddings. I get that. But what about independent vendors? What about Etsy? Even on there, a community of artists, there are some yikes!-inducing price tags geared toward brides and grooms.

I mean, sure, I could DIY the crap out of stuff to make it *more affordable*, but let’s face it: I’m not crafty. I don’t have much time (though, obv. I find plenty of time for Facebook and blogging). And I don’t feel like getting uber frustrated, as I know I would. I know part of price tags are paying someone else for their time to do something for you. Done. Get it. But … still. I know there’s a lot out there on how once you add a variety of words (including but not limited to: bridal, wedding, matrimony, marriage) to an event, the price skyrockets. Ariel touches on the subject here.

I wonder in earnest how one can still have an uber quality wedding without either DIY-ing out the ass or paying a buttload. I know you can always have friendors hop to it for you, but what if, like me, most of my radtastic friends are far away and living their own fun-filled lives? Must I still suck it up and either get my hands dirty or burn a hole in my wallet?

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On Weddings and Weight Loss.

So, there’s a new wedding show on tonight. By the creators of “The Biggest Loser.” And it got me thinking.

I mean, I’m all for eating and living healthily and I’m the first to admit I’m not always super stoked about how I look. My weight yo-yos and at 5-foot-2, it can be fairly obvious.

But the premise of this new show, “Shedding for the Wedding,” is that whichever couple sheds the most pounds will win “their dream wedding.”

OK, so I understand the couples aren’t thrown on some quick-loss diet, are taught to eat, exercise and live in a healthy fashion, etc. etc. etc. I get that.

But … my issue lies in that, as a bride, weight loss is kind of shoved down our throats if we aren’t stick-thin. I mean, even when I went to get my dress I was asked how much weight I was planning on losing. Um, WTF??? I was 125 lbs. at that point. I’m 10 lbs. heavier than that now. And you know what? I’m fine with it.

I don’t feel the need to be a stick-thin bride. Sure, I’ll probably work on my arms so they look rad, same with my calves, but the rest of my body? I’ll just be a tick more conscious about how healthily I’m eating, but I don’t plan on starting to run or progressing until I can bench my own weight. I don’t feel the need to freak out about my body because I’m generally pretty stoked about how I look.

I worry about those who are thrown into a carrot juice and almond diet frenzy because they want to look *perfect* on their wedding day. Um, I’m pretty sure your partner loved you before so why wouldn’t s/he continue to do so?

I know a lot of the pressure stems from the Wedding Industrial Complex (WIC) but a lot also stems from the fact that we’re women (and maybe men) and we feel the need to always be perfect. Especially for the most integral times in our lives.

We get our hair done, our teeth whitened, our brows plucked, our bikinis waxed, our skins tanned and on and on and on.

But … why? Because we want to? Or because we feel we need to?

I understand there are people who have legitimate health concerns as their motivation for weight loss. And I absolutely applaud those who take the steps to enrich their lives by choosing a healthier path. I think everyone should take care of themselves so they can be healthy for themselves and those around them (says I as I drink wine and contemplate going for a cig, but I digress).

But as I was reading about this new show, I began to wonder. Would these couples lose weight on their own regardless because they want to or is it because they’re motivated by their *dream wedding* and that’s it? Are they truly intrinsically motivated, or is it materialism? Also, what would they do for their weddings if they didn’t win? How much of their weddings are being pushed by the WIC and how much are being motivated by their desire to be healthier people and still have the best wedding suited to them?

I would like to add that some of the most beautiful women I know are larger. And beautiful. And I am aware they face societal pressures to be thin, but they know who they are and are comfortable in their own skin, and I admire them astoundingly for such.

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