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Silver and Gold.

Shaner and I used to watch this video when we were kids … like nonstop. Really to the point where we wore out the VHS.

But there was a particular song in it I have never forgotten.

Make new friends / but keep the old / One is silver / the other is gold.

There’s obv. more to it than that. Anywho, seems as though every time I look at photos from our wedding, photos of our friends, those lyrics pop into my mind.

And that rocks.

One of the first things I noticed when we logged on to The Face in the few days after the wedding was that my homies and his homies were becoming homies in Interwebland. And there have since been a spate of conversations, comments, etc. amongst them.

And watching it is awesome. My friends mean the world to me, as his do to him. So having our satellite families joining forces in such a way, and reflecting back at how well they all mixed, warms this chick to the toes.

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Here’s a vague idea of what the reception will look like

The tablecloths will be white, but I figure maybe some colorful pennant banners will help spruce them up?

They’d go well with balloons and pinwheels, no?


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