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Mayhaps I Just Need A Project

Mayhaps. Something to keep me busy, something I can own as my very own. Maybe something like …

Via Etsy.

My own headpiece. I think … maybe … I’ve settled on a hairstyle. It’ll be a hybrid between


You know, with the ribbon then the poof then hair down.

Can I do it?

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Ok, so I’ve been working on a rather HUGE project as of late. I decided that I wasn’t really super stoked about how The Knot’s website layout worked and heard there were a multitude of issues surrounding the online RSVP system, which is pretty vital, because that’s how we want everyone to RSVP … I’m attempting to save the world one wedding invitation at a time.

So, I began researching. And considering. And I made up my mind. I got the go-ahead from Leigh. And I did it. It really didn’t take much time, but it was a helluva lotta work.

I switched our wedsite platform. And I like it. A LOT. The design is cooler, there’s a lot more wiggle room for customization. And the RSVP format is WAY clearer and has had rave reviews. So … yay!!!

Check it out:


(much more simple than theknot.com/ourwedding/christenmoynihan&leighhunter … right?)

Next up? The invitations. Huzzah!


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And now, for something completely different.

My new blog. I’m diverting my attention for a bit, and have found a constructive way to keep myself from imploding over my shit roommates and in the process, allowing for a forum in which others can share in my pain and possibly learn from my experiences.



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