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Vintage? Try again.

East Side Bride has a great guest post up from Noa of Feather Love Photography about the overabundant use of the word vintage in today’s weddingland. 

I know I used it at least once or twice during our planning. And I see it everywhere. In blog titles, in descriptions of products on Etsy or other sites. On photographer’s blogs describing their style. EVERYWHERE.

Before you start throwing it around like it ain’t no one’s bidness, plz read what Noa has to say.

Photo via Pinterest via The Daily Oyster via Vogue Nov. 2005

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It’s mine. And I got this:

That's my hubs. In a vest. And my dog. In a tux.

I rock … apparently.

Photo via ESB via Soph Mueller.

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ThxThxThx Sums It Up.

I’ve been reading thxthxthx for a while … ever since ESB featured it as a Blog of the Week(ish).

This one, in particular, made me giggle because when I was trying to write my vows, all I could come up with was “I just f*cking love you.”

The end.

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Let The Goofiness Ensue!

Just Left of Sane

I’m in a rather chipper and goofy mood. Got off work early, had an easy day and am looking forward to a day off tomorrow with the Aussie.

So, for now, I’m resigning myself to a nice stiff whiskey-ginger and my favorite blogs. I think I shall pore over some East Side Bride, who I’ve been utterly obsessed with as of late. The snark. The honesty. The uhmazeballz fashion.

Maybe then check out what The Tribe is up to.


P.S. I’m still totally digging the Moldy Peaches right now

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