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How sweet it is

Just browsing around and saw this. Remember me saying I wanted to incorporate pool somehow? Well …. this pretty much rocks my socks.


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Incorportation Nation

Leigh and I met while playing pool.

billiards-7.jpg image by AnitoKid_2007

Pretty much the only game I can fully kick his ass in. Though he is the first to admit he’s not very good … but he slays it in every other competitive thing we engage in, so this is my solitary bragging right. Anyway, trying to figure out how we can incorporate it into the reception. I highly doubt the hotel will let us drag their pool table down to the lawn. Maybe an after-party revolving around billiards in the hotel’s bar?

The other thing is, Leigh proposed on Karaoke Night.

Rent a karaoke machine? The unfortunate thing is, no Moynihan has the capability of singing. I mean, really, it’s been referred to as a crime against humanity. Would people enjoy it? Is it something that would get out of control? Is it just straight tacky? Ugh. I don’t know.


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