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Hunting for an apartment is kind of like wedding planning.

You begin with a specific, ideal vision.

Wedding: Dress, decor, extras, theme, headpieces.

Apartment: Two bedrooms, decent counter space, allows dogs, less than $1,100, has fenced-in yard, big kitchen, utilities, two-year lease, close to bus stop, stand alone.

And then you look. At lots. Magazines, TV shows, books, movies, blogs, newspapers, websites. And then you look at prices. And talk to people, professional and not. And make lots of calls, send lots of emails.

And your idea evolves. $500 for a cake display? Maybe not. What about a sweet or mod or otherwise different dress? Maybe a head thingy made by a friend?

Or maybe it’s sacrificing a yard in order to be next to the dog park. Or paying $1,100 plus utilities, but getting a two-bedroom just a few blocks from the current digs. Or living in a four-unit complex, but having separate entrances and end unit. But it is available rightthisverysecond and the deposit is only a few hundred.

Either way, both are big life endeavors. It’s about finding the balance between what the ideal is and what reasonably fits without giving up too much of want you want. Maybe it’s paying $1,200 per month, utilities included, for a huge apartment with a yard but is inconvenient location-wise. Or shelling out $6000 but getting four days of photography and rights to the images. Maybe it’s finding that dress that just works and getting it altered just so.

As long as you’re happy and comfortable, it’s all good. Right?

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Pinwheel Paper.

I’m stuck. I’ll admit it.

I can’t figure out which papers I want to use for the pinwheels. Ack!!!

We’re going to get them from Pinwhirls. And they have a srsly silly amount of options.

My absolute favorites are under the Monster tag … but there’s like, A BAJILLION options.

Le sigh.

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Bouquet, Bunting and Veil … Oh My!

Kath has been hard at work on some pretty awesome projects that are essential to what I have in mind for the wedding. Like … essential essential.

She’s making the bunting to go around the tables. And … of course … they’re polka dots!!!

And the veil.

And, finally, the brooch bouquet!!!!

Kath, you’ve outdone yourself. Thank you so much for all your hard work. It’s so greatly appreciated. I can’t even tell you how much.


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And now for the pretty stuff …

I figured after the surrrious post the other day, it’d be fun to have purdy schtuff to ogle.

First up? Our guest board. It’s a skateboard deck, in my blue, found online for $12. Add some silver Sharpie signatures, and voila!

We found some of these old-school babies. Plastic drink charms! A bag of 250 was about $11. Not bad, eh?

I probably should have started with our stationary, but whoopsie! Our invitations are from Invitations by Dawn. By ordering them on Labor Day weekend, we got a killer discount. And I love the way they turned out! Our Save the Dates are postcards the hotel sent us. We printed on clear labels and I hand-addressed each one.

I got my Red Sox garter! It was a bit pricey … but so worth it.

I won a personalized hanger from the Lila Frances Etsy shop. Figured it would be cute for pics with my dress.

Leigh’s outfit is great. The shorts have a really subtle pinstripe. Now we just need his Chucks and hat.

Our rings turned out beautifully!!! They even have our wedding date on the inside.

And just because I can … here’s my precious 😉

Finally, all of this is stuffed into boxes and is chilling in Weddingland.


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I want confetti …

Just so I can have a shot like this. It would make my life.

Courtesy Rock ‘n’ Roll Bride.


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Here’s a vague idea of what the reception will look like

The tablecloths will be white, but I figure maybe some colorful pennant banners will help spruce them up?

They’d go well with balloons and pinwheels, no?


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Pinwheels and Parasols … Oh My!!!

I’ve really loved the idea of having a parasol for the pictures. And it’s kind of a silly idea because I know the concept of shipping it or packing it is going to be a huge ass pain … but still.

Custom Painted Parasol - Thank You, Mahalo, Amore, Gracias

I’ve loved pretty much every picture I’ve seen with a parasol. I really need to think this over.

But … I do love these and WILL FIND A WAY!!!

I’ve found a website where I can either order fully assembled ones or DIY ones, which could make for a great lounge on the beach and assemble project. Just a thought. And I wouldn’t need many … they’re just going to line the aisle.

And I’m still hooked on the balloon idea. Lurve it.


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Gimme a P! Gimme an O! Gimme an M!

What does that spell? POM!!! And, no, I’m not talking about the term for Brits. I’m talkin’ Craft Poms, yo!

The more I see … the  more I looovvveee. They’re so fun and colorful and child-like!!! Wahoo!! And, there’s soooo many ways you can use them:

And come in all sizes and colors:

You can even make a hamster!!!

Anyone got any better ideas?


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So, I’ve been thinking about ways I can spruce up the reception site without forking over the arm, leg and half a soul it would cost for the professional decor job you see in movies. And can I just say … for someone like me, those frou-frou, hoity-toity gilded numbers are shit. Not the shit, just shit.

So, we’ve already been over the wonderful, fantabulous, splendiferous need for tons and tons of color … but, well … how? I was stalking my favorite bridal blogs today, and decided to click on over to the Broke-Ass Bride — who herself has a penchant for color — and discovered these two wonderful ideas:

Christmas Ornament Decor

DIY CD craft

craft pom wedding DIY

Yes. Craft poms. Love.

She even mentioned filling a clear cylindrical vase with these bright beauties. Brilliant.


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Let There Be Light

I’ve been considering various options for lighting for the reception, and aside from the *der* obvious tiki torches, I’ve found some other options.

Reception, Decor

Reception, Decor, Lighting

White, Green, Ceremony, Decor, Wedding, Lanterns, Seaside, Bay area

Reception, Decor

Decor, Lighting

Green, White, Decor, Black, Candles, Table, Details, Events, Apples, Productions, Markei

Reception, Green, Decor, Blue, Chandelier

Reception, Red, Decor, Sasha souza events, Lanterns


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