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About that …



Holy bananas, people. I know I’ve been straight-dreadful at posting lately. Life not only caught up with me, but completely bowled me over.

So, you know I’ve been blogging for The Broke-Ass Bride as their new Real Weddings contributor. It’s super awesome, I’m learning tons and it’s a lot of work. But in the bestfreakingwaypossible. It’s a great venue for writing for me and also being able to reach out and remember how exciting that post-wedding halo is. Brides get STOKED to have their stuff appear on a blog they love. I would know. That’s how I’ve felt with the Offbeat Bride post, the Broke-Ass Bride post and Kat’s recap on Persimmon Images.

On top of this, and my regularly scheduled real job, I’ve been asked to edit a second book for someone I have already edited a book for.

Also, it snowed. So I finally was able to get out on my snowboard. Aussie and I miraculously had a day off together and he was even more miraculously able to get his hands on his work pass, so we got to spend a whole glorious day cruising the mountain. It was a nice respite from reading words constantly. It was a perfect bluebird day, there were plenty of powder pockets to be destroyed and our playlists couldn’t have been more appropriate.

Also, the tickets for Shannypantses wedding this summer are booked, and I ordered a smokin’ hot dress for it.

I’m seeking out a couple new business possibilities right now as well, so we’ll see what comes to fruition. Keep your fingers crossed!

Finally … I freaking want to go to this concert SOOOO BAD. If only money did, in actuality, grow on trees.

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Over There.

Hey!!! Guess what???

We’re on Offbeat Bride today!!!

I started reading Offbeat Bride pretty early in the engagement process and it quickly became one of my top-three go-to blogs. As in, my morning isn’t complete if I haven’t read it whilst drinking my coffee.

Check it out!

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Hey! Hey! Guess what?

Our mugs are on Offbeat Bride!

We made it to the Monday Montage! Check it out here.

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Let The Goofiness Ensue!

Just Left of Sane

I’m in a rather chipper and goofy mood. Got off work early, had an easy day and am looking forward to a day off tomorrow with the Aussie.

So, for now, I’m resigning myself to a nice stiff whiskey-ginger and my favorite blogs. I think I shall pore over some East Side Bride, who I’ve been utterly obsessed with as of late. The snark. The honesty. The uhmazeballz fashion.

Maybe then check out what The Tribe is up to.


P.S. I’m still totally digging the Moldy Peaches right now

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Soooo … I’ve been stalking the inspiration boards on Offbeat Bride

And STILLLLLLL can’t figure out what to do with my dumb mane.

Keep in  mind it’s thin and fine. And I like my bangs … because then I don’t look like I’m twelveteen. But I would REALLY appreciate some input. Or else I’ll just shave it off, Sinead-style, bitches.

And then, of course there’s the Ms. Bardot I posted earlier.

Thoughts? Direction?

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