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Detail: Bouquet.

The disc of our images came in! So now, finally, I get to show off the awesomeness of Kat and Justin‘s work. I’m going to start with detail shots and slowly work up to all the real stuff. Kat said she’s still trying to get me into the blogiverse, so I don’t want to put up too much in the case of it actually happening.

So to kick it off, I’m going to start with my gorgeous brooch bouquet. My mother gave me many of her brooches a couple weeks before she passed. My boss gave me an awesome one that looks like a 1920s flapper, Susie gave me some that had been in her family and Kath, who contributed some of hers and bought a few, put them all together. The thing was SUPER heavy, but turned out beautifully.

















































































































































Not being super into flowers, I figured a brooch bouquet would be a suitable alternative. Plus it enabled me to carry something sentimental and unique.

Kath wrapped it in white organza and sewed those blue beads on to make it look like pins in a normal bouquet. In the locket are photos of Aussie’s maternal grandparents and my paternal grandparents on their wedding day. I also had a Red Sox pin in there … with a PBR pin.

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Batter Up.

It’s baseball season.

I mean, it HAS been since April. Derr.

But. The race is on. And the Red Sox, while leading the AL East, just dropped 2 of 3 to the Mariners. Ugh.

This is my favorite part of the season (second favorite? The very beginning. Because when the slopes close, the diamonds open).

I like that I can come home, crack a beer, indulge in pizza or wings and watch 9 innings of awesome. I like the nail-biters, like last week when my boys went into extra innings two days in a row.

I like watching Papi, Pedroia, Youk, Ellsbury and the rest power those bats and field balls.

It’s awesome.

P.S.: This is still one of my Top 10 All-time favorite movies.

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