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The Whole Shebang.

Shaner was in town last weekend. Thank god. I needed to have some time with her in the worst way. We had a ton of fun … maybe too much (ha! Just kidding. Impossible).

Anyway, we got to play dress up for a hot second. I finally got to try my entire outfit on together. Veil, dress, shoes, jewelry. All at once. For the first time.

No, sorry, you don’t get pics. This one’s actually a surprise. (I know! How could I do that to you?!? The nerve.)

But, let me tell you …


Also? Screw the pinwheels. I can’t pick. What about ribbons on dowels?

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Hair Bling!!!

So, the lovely, wonderful and amazeballz Kate Cope worked her talented magic and made me a hair thingy!










Sorry it’s kind of blurry, I had to resize it. But rad, yeah?


Thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!!!

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Bedazzle My Besa.

So, barring someone finding some awesome sparkly blue headband, I’m gonna get this.

Jewel Rhinestone Headband- Satin ribbon, tie on

via LuciaBella on Etsy

Like? Dislike? Wanna throw up in your mouth?

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Finely feathered or creeping vine?

Ok, guys. I need help. I really, REALLY can’t decide on what to do with a headpiece thingy. I’m completely torn between having a sweet vine tiara or having a fun and funky feather whooziewhatzit. Give me your opinions!!!

Bethany Lorelle Custom Order Info -  Bridesmaid Headbands Feather Hair Clips, Bridal Jewelry, Vintage, Keepsake Brooches

Bethany Lorelle

Bora Bora Azul Blue Hair Fascinator, Hairclip, Bridal hair piece, feather barrette






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