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To top … or bottom … it off …

Here’s the shoes!!!




Who’d a thunk?

So, while down in SLC for the wretched hospital stuff, I was whisked away for an afternoon of distraction in the way of trying on wedding dresses. I had resigned myself to not trying them on because a) I figured I wouldn’t be able to afford anything; b) I hadn’t left Jackson in 2 years and figured I probably wouldn’t until the wedding; and c) I hate trying stuff on, I hate feeling under pressure and dress shopping seemed like the worst of both worlds. However, it was a way better experience than I had anticipated. So, I tried a few different styles on:

Then I ran into trouble. I had two dresses I really liked … one was ivory, which was my preferred color. And the other was white … but almost exactly like the Dolly Couture one I wanted. I was stuck.


When I put this one on … even with a veil and all … I had a total SQUEEEEEE moment. I knew it … and it was totally on the cheap, yo.

Isn’t it pretty????? I need to get a few things done to it, maybe shorten it a bit, add buttons, etc. But it came in WAYYYYY under budget and is PERFECT!!!! I even kinda like the veil. I dunno. But I also found my shoes! They aren’t exactly what I wanted, but pretty damn close.


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