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Gettin’ rimmmzzzzz

Could this be it? A custom dress? On the cheap(er)? Really? A sweetheart neckline with spaghetti straps a dropped waist and even a blue-trimmed petticoat? And still knee-length? For $1000?

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An Apple a Day …

Will help build our centerpieces!

Flowers are too expensive. Fruit you can eat. Makes a good snack for after-wedding-day hikes!!!


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Grand advice from a practical bride

The following words comes from the blog at

I read it. I loved it. I got it.

Presenting the best wedding advice ever:

You guys.

This is too important to bury in the comments. So here we go:


Did you get that? It’s not an imposition on *anyone.* And let me tell you why. It’s not because your guests will have fun at your wedding (though, duh, they will), it’s because your guests are grown-ass people. They are GROWN UPS. If your wedding is too expensive, or too far away, or just too much of a bother? They won’t come. If you’re lucky, they’ll be very kind when they tell you about it. If you’re not lucky? Then you didn’t want them there anyway (try to remember that mid-sob, it was hard for me.)

But the people that come to your wedding? Well, let me quote the wise Marisa-Andrea, “This is what I have learned: The people who love you and care about you will not feel like your wedding is a burden or an imposition. They will be thrilled that out of all of the people you could have invited, you want THEM. The (editors note: FEW) people who do feel burdened — eh. You are always going to have someone who isn’t satisfied.*”

And if they are not grown ups? If they are quite small? Well. I trust you are serving cake and punch and giving them room to run around? If so, they’ll remember your wedding fondly for the rest of their lives, and they’ll hope one day their wedding will be just like it.


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Incorportation Nation

Leigh and I met while playing pool.

billiards-7.jpg image by AnitoKid_2007

Pretty much the only game I can fully kick his ass in. Though he is the first to admit he’s not very good … but he slays it in every other competitive thing we engage in, so this is my solitary bragging right. Anyway, trying to figure out how we can incorporate it into the reception. I highly doubt the hotel will let us drag their pool table down to the lawn. Maybe an after-party revolving around billiards in the hotel’s bar?

The other thing is, Leigh proposed on Karaoke Night.

Rent a karaoke machine? The unfortunate thing is, no Moynihan has the capability of singing. I mean, really, it’s been referred to as a crime against humanity. Would people enjoy it? Is it something that would get out of control? Is it just straight tacky? Ugh. I don’t know.


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Whatta Nightmare!!!

I had a wedding nightmare. And it definitely wasn’t good.

First, I was stuck in this wretched stripey poofy taffeta-y THING that kind of resembled

My hair was kind of greasy and I feel like I was supposed to get it done, but something happened and I was stuck with it pulled back into a ridiculous half-bun thing with my own ponytail holder. One of my bridesmaids gave me a tiara that started out looking like

But ended up broken and looking like

My bridesmaids were wearing something like

And their hair was done up all nice and pretty and they actually looked stunning, but the dresses were wretched. We were getting married in some sort of community center type of building and they started playing the Wedding March when my maid of honor was walking down the aisle. I got really upset and someone ushered me down to a side door to the altar, and I walked in completely unbeknownst to anyone, including Leigh. He was wearing some yellow cheap poplin short-sleeved shirt and jeans. Everyone started laughing at me

And Bruce Springsteen was playing.

It was horrible.


Scheming and dreaming up a theme … ing

Do you remember the time of bobby socks, poodle skirts, jukeboxes and Annette and Frankie?

Beach Party Invitation

Well, me neither. But the era has always served up a massive source of inspiration for me. Remember the ‘Brady Bunch’ episode where they’re in Hawaii?

Ha, that’s one of my favorite episodes … except for the spider. Though I guess that’s way more ’70s. But still, you get my drift.

A mix of a 1950s dance party and an awesome ‘Beach Blanket Bingo’ kind of thing. Thoughts?


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Hair Hair Everywhere

Braid Hairstyle

Braids, anyone?


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I can’t wait …

To have sand between my toes.

To feel the ocean breeze.

To have the tropical sun kissing my skin.

To have beach hair.

To get a flip-flop tan.

To be in Hawaii.


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Sweet tooth

Maybe it’s because I’ve had a horrible, wretched, nagging, non-stop craving for chocolate lately, or perhaps it’s because I can’t think about anything else to spend hours looking at pictures of. Regardless, I’ve had cake on the mind. And not just any cake, but blue cake, decorated cake, cupcake, chocolate cake, vanilla cake, cake with fondant, cake with buttercream. Cake cake cake.

Cake Cake, Brown, Blue, Decadence, Circles

Flowers, CakeCake, White, Red, Themed, The historic del monte building, Baseball

Cake, Cakes, Suzy berberian, a dream day, Patisserie angelica, Individual cake, Small cake, Petite cake Wedding, Cake, Pink, Blue, Purple, Modern

Cake Cake

Reception, Cake, Pink, White, Green, Wedding, Yellow, Turquoise, Colors, Bright, Cupcakes, Lime, Summer

All photos courtesy of

I LOVE CUPCAKES!!!!! I think the idea of a cupcake tower is so much fun, especially with some of the ideas we’re leaning toward. But the question is … what flavor???? Something normal? Something fun? Normal with a twist?



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