Whatta Nightmare!!!

I had a wedding nightmare. And it definitely wasn’t good.

First, I was stuck in this wretched stripey poofy taffeta-y THING that kind of resembled

My hair was kind of greasy and I feel like I was supposed to get it done, but something happened and I was stuck with it pulled back into a ridiculous half-bun thing with my own ponytail holder. One of my bridesmaids gave me a tiara that started out looking like

But ended up broken and looking like

My bridesmaids were wearing something like

And their hair was done up all nice and pretty and they actually looked stunning, but the dresses were wretched. We were getting married in some sort of community center type of building and they started playing the Wedding March when my maid of honor was walking down the aisle. I got really upset and someone ushered me down to a side door to the altar, and I walked in completely unbeknownst to anyone, including Leigh. He was wearing some yellow cheap poplin short-sleeved shirt and jeans. Everyone started laughing at me

And Bruce Springsteen was playing.

It was horrible.



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