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Oh, the Mauna Lani. How addictive you’ve become. Hooked, after just one trip. And now that the cold weather and snow have officially inundated the Hole, it’s time for a little visual trip back.

While the prices were a bit in the upper echelon, I couldn’t be happier about choosing to have our wedding there. Lauren was the first person to respond after I shot out a flurry of emails to hotels on the Big Island. Seriously, I think I emailed 15 places the moment we decided that Hawaii was the place to be.

Lauren emailed me back, got a general idea of what we wanted and immediately began working with me to ensure the best experience. Rather than pay a holy buttload up front, she allowed us to make a feasible deposit and pay down the rest over time. Which worked like a dream.

When the time came, she and Pinkie did everything to make sure we were within our means and had the best effing party at the same time.

And it wasn’t just them. EVERYONE at the Mauna Lani was amazing. From the service when we first arrived, to the helpfulness of everyone ranging from spa coordinators to front desk to bartenders to pool attendants. There was such sincere friendliness and genuine caring.

When they say the staff at the Mauna Lani becomes your ohana, they truly mean it.

Glass elevator. Open-air.

Oh, a few fish ponds? Sure. Why not.

View from the top.

Not bad for a little beach ceremony action.

Nice place to be a fish.

Beachy keen.

I like turtles.

How's the serenity?

Venue: Mauna Lani Bay Hotel & Bungalows
Photos: Persimmon Images

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It’s Here.

Today is the day. I know. What the hell am I doing on the Interwebz?!?

Truth be told, I’m waiting to get my hair and make up done. And you know what? I’m not nervous. I’ve loved him for a long time. Today is our three-year anniversary. It’s actually more of a relief that it’s finally here. It feels like I’ve been planning for two years … oh, wait. Ha.

In three hours we will make that final commitment to one another (all nicely nestled into an 8-minute ceremony). And then it’ll be done. And I can’t wait.


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And …

As of 7-something this evening …

I’m officially on vacation. For the first time in over 3 years.


Our own faces (and, unfortunately, only faces), via Photoshop, via one of our layout guys.
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Like a Sack of Bricks.

Is how I’m sure the whole “bride” feeling is going to hit me. But, um … it hasn’t yet.

I suppose nearly two years of planning and other life BS tend to dilute the overall brideliness of it, but … yeah. No.

I’ve put on my outfit a few times. I wrote the ceremony. I have paid out the ass for um … everything.

But I really just don’t feel

Pachelbel's canon? No.

But … eff it. I’m going to Hawaii. It’ll come, but knowing me, it’ll be as I’m saying my vows and I get uber flustered … hey, at least everyone will end up laughing.

And no … I still won’t blush. Don’t get your hopes up.

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