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*Coming Soon* New Goodies That Aren’t All About Me.

Oh!!!! I’m actually sitting here getting all SQUEEE about this!!!

So, you know how I said the other day that I was going to do this and WIN? Well, I’m doing it. I’ve talked to a couple of my rad homies and they’ve offered to step up and give me some more schtuff to put on here. Both of these girls have been hitched for a while now and I’ve known them for ages … like since I was twelve-teen and younger. And you know what? These chicks have it going on. One’s a mama of an adorbz little girl and a career woman, and the other is a military wife of sorts. And she lives a pretty baller life and has a job that makes her travel … a lot.

So I’m working out the logistics, fine-tuning some shizz and soon you’ll have ACTUAL married peeps talking about their experiences.

Are you excited? Because I am.

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Ha, not that kind. You lushes.

OK, so I know I covered some of the basics of what photos we do/do not want.

But I think it’s time to get creative.

Robin at the Broke-Ass Bride posted about her “shot list” the other day and it got me mulling over more ideas beyond the familial, friendly and minorly quirky.

I would like to hand off The Book to my darling engaged friend right before the ceremony.

A pre-ceremony drink will be in order. And a photo of said drink is DEFINITELY in order.

A shot of my Red Sox garter is a must.

Me and my homies being as awesome as we are.

Ditto for Aussie and his homies.

My shoes. All *ahem* three pair.

Aussie and his homies proudly displaying their homie gifts.

Daddio’s face when he hears the music to the first song.

Daddio and I rocking out.

Aussie and Kath rocking out.

Our rings on the drink charms/guest deck/Hawaii guide book. Or somewhere else awesome. Any ideas?

A photo of my Uncle JVM crying. Because he will. I will make it so.

A photo of a photo of our Ring Goggie.

Me playing bocce ball. In my dress. Oh, the determination!

A pick of me, drink in hand or right nearby, decompressing.

One of my family members either wildly drunk or passed out. Also? Any one of my older male family members, or Aussie’s, doing the White Man’s Upper-bite

Aussies and Irish intermingling.

The sunset.

A turtle.

Someone lounging in a hammock. Bonus points for passed out.

Other couples feeling the love.

That’s a good start. Or finish? Ha.

What do you think?

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Gettin’ Serrrrious.

Alright, kidlets. I need help. In my quest to win the Interwebz and be a “successful” blogger (everyone’s definition of success is different. Mine is to work for myself and be able to write about what I love … obv.) I need to start featuring stuff that isn’t just about me.

So … are you getting married? Did you get married, even ages ago? Do you have friends who are getting married? Wanna share? I’d love stories, photos, musings, etc. Let’s see all the prettiness, intellectualism and all around amazeballzness. Of course, please cite all sources.

Email me at: halfpint.words at gmail dot com.

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Tweedle-dee, Tweedle-dum.

I sit here and twiddle my thumbs.

I really wanted to do a recap of all the nifty little snippets I’ll be wearing, but I wanted to take new pics. However, my severe lack of being able to ACTUALLY take a good self-pic severely hindered that. Bah!

Though, I guess this is a good thing. It means I don’t have much to stress about … right?

74 days. If you’re counting.

And, just so you’re not disappointed:

Champagne … Tuesday?

Ah, why not another one?

Champagne Tuesday, with veil. I must figure out how to tame this thing.

Also? I’m drinking Champers whilst sitting on an exercise ball. It cancels out, right?


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And Now We …

Hurry up and wait.

I mean, there’s not much else we can do. Tweak the ceremony? Slowly but surely. Get a vague idea of bar/food? Vaguely. Crunch numbers over and over and over? Crunching. Shit, if the numbers were my abs, I’d have a freaking 12-pack by now.

It’s kind of making me stir-crazy. The weather isn’t nice enough to go play outside to get my mind off of it. I’ve already scrubbed the oven and the refrigerator. I have NO freelance work right now.

I’ve been pretty much winning the Interwebz.

And waiting …

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Ring Goggie (in spirit)





















We really wish we could have him there, so instead, we got him this nifty little tux thing, we’re going to print this pic, attach ribbon to it and have one of our lucky peeps waltz him down the aisle with the rings tied to the ribbon. Brilliance!


Soo … y’all know how Kath made me that veil? Well, I asked if she could shorten it a bit so it didn’t obscure the back of my dress (what with all the awesomeness that is now taking place there). She did. And she edged it. And it looks AWESOME!




























































Thank you so much, Kath! It’s so perfect!

Also? I love that the way the edging turned out, it now matches the hem of the dress. Yes!!!


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Dins and Lurves.

I got home from work tonight, after a not-especially grueling day, to Aussie boiling a big pot of water. He immediately ushered me to the couch, served up a glass of Chard and handed me the laptop so i could win the Internetz mindlessly. Soon enough, he comes sauntering in with …

A big-ass bowl of crab claws.

And it was delicious.






















AND then …

Snickers cupcakes!











*Both artistically shot by Aussie*

He’s the best.






















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For Serious: Help A Sistah Out.

OK, so, you guys have seen me drop the Broke-Assness here before … she’s the one who led me to Kat and Justin, she’s the one who had the fantastical craft pom idea.

Shit, I even applied for a job with her. And she highly complimented me. She’s one of the first wedding blogs I started reading. And I definitely think she’s the first blog I commented on … and now I’m an addict.

Anyway, Dana needs help. And, like me, she hates asking for it. But she did, so I’m doing what I can.

Dana needs blogland to spread the word. And I know a few of you have your own blogs. So … do it. Please.
Dana needs money. Even one dolla, make you holla.
Dana needs recipes. So … dig out those rolodexes of family comforts and email them to me or her (contact her here for more info).

Please help her out. She’s been a huge inspiration to me in so many ways.


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