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Prep: Him.

As opposed to my 3.5- to 4-hour process, Aussie’s apparently only took about 15 minutes. Sh*t, shower and shave, I’m sure. Therefore his time was spent, more aptly, hanging out by the pool, drinking beer, etc. Lucky bastard.


The predecessor.

Smiley Rusty.

Good thing there's a doctor in the crew.


Brace yo self.


Proud Mama.

See how easy and painless it was for them? Well, painless except for Gresham’s leg, that is. And don’t they look so handsome?

Aussie’s Shirt: Express for Men
His Shorts: Volcom on Dogfunk.com
Pocketwatches: Amazon.com

All photographs by Persimmon Images.

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Detail: Attire.

I love my dress. Note I didn’t say “loved” but rather “love.” I pulled it out last weekend to show a friend and totally went “squee!” all over again. It’s so … perfect for me. From the personalized detail to the fit to the all-around look of it, it screams my name from the top of its bejeweled straps. And while we didn’t necessarily build all the other details of our attire to go around my dress, they did just happen to perfectly coincide. Which … rocks. Aussie’s mum got the shoes I ended up wearing (remember how many I had?) after donning my flip-flops (which have gone missing) and before opting for bare feet (which resulted in a minor injury). She also procured the petticoat. I ordered the buttons and the pearls and Aussie’s suspenders. Somehow, all of it ended up matching perfectly.

My dream of turquoise peep-toe slingbacks came to fruition.

The ubiquitous Chucks.

See? Buttons match the suspenders.

One more shoe pic ... you know, for good measure.

















































































































































































Dress: David’s Bridal
Buttons: LiDDesigns Supplies
Shorts: Volcom via Dogfunk
“Forever” hanger: Lila Frances

All photos by Persimmon Images

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We Win.

We’re home after an exhausting but amazing journey. It all went by so fast and I’m just trying to piece it all together at this point. Luckily we don’t have to go back to work for a few more days, so as we work our way through our mountain of laundry, we can soak in the enormity of it all.

Thank you everyone, near and far, who helped make it so wonderful.


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I Got My Pretty!!!!

And they’re gorgeous! The pearls are an amazing turquoise and they work so perfectly with my mom’s!

Please forgive the hair … and um, bathroom lighting. And poor picture quality … yikes.

Earrings too!

Oh, and we got Leigh’s kicks. It’s been a successful week here at 33 Elk Run

They’re a bit darker than the rest of the blues, but … they rock lotsa socks!

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EEEE!!!! More Jewelry Pretty.

So Kimberly, who made my necklace, also made me earrings. A wonderful and insanely generous gesture. And she took another pic of my pearls.

Thank you SOSOSOSOSOSO much, Kimberly!!! I can’t wait to wear them!


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Necklace Pretty.

So, I got a custom necklace made. Yeah. That happened. When I was trying on my dress for Shaner and her madre, they both thought I needed blue around my neck. But I also want to wear mamasita’s pearls. So I hunted around Etsy (hi, my name is Christen. I’m an Etsyholic) and found North Atlantic Art Studio who wooed me with some purdy turquoise pearls. So, I contacted her (Kimberly) to see if she could possibly make a two-strand turquoise pearl necklace to nestle around my mama’s pearls. While the actual two-strand idea would be lovely, she didn’t think the clasps would lay nicely together. So she just made me two necklaces instead.

Presenting …

The middle strand is just a gauge to work around my mom’s pearls.


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This + Mom’s Pearls = Amazing Pretty

I love these. And I would love these layered with mi madre’s pearls (check the pic of me with the blue crinoline).


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Um, I may have mentioned it before … but I LOVE MY DRESS!

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I know I shouldn’t have, but I did it anyway

Yeah … remember how I said I thought my shoes were too dark? Welllll … they were. And of course, since I uber love shopping for shoes, I was cruisin’ the Interwebz a couple weeks ago and Leigh was looking over my shoulder when he spotted these beauties.

And just so y’all don’t think I’m completely cracked, here’s them side-by-side so you can compare. The new ones are lighter than *my* blue, but they’re so … le sigh. And lighter won’t clash as bad as darker.

One of these kids is not like the others

Prettttyyyyy. xo

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Hmmm … would this work?

So, I was thinking about the petticoat on my skirt. You know, how I was going to get the ribbon trim? Kinda like

But, I was thinking, especially since I have the dress I have, maybe I should just cut out the existing petticoat and replace it with a blue one? I dunno, what do you guys think?


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