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Over It.

Planning sucks. Srsly. Two years of wedding planning. Planning papers. Planning sports sections. Planning apartment moves. Planning halfway-around-the-world moves.

Shit, planning dinner even sucks.

Bitch, bitch. Grumble, grumble.

Chips and gravy or go out for fish and chips?

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Dins and Lurves.

I got home from work tonight, after a not-especially grueling day, to Aussie boiling a big pot of water. He immediately ushered me to the couch, served up a glass of Chard and handed me the laptop so i could win the Internetz mindlessly. Soon enough, he comes sauntering in with …

A big-ass bowl of crab claws.

And it was delicious.






















AND then …

Snickers cupcakes!











*Both artistically shot by Aussie*

He’s the best.






















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