Pinwheels and Parasols … Oh My!!!

I’ve really loved the idea of having a parasol for the pictures. And it’s kind of a silly idea because I know the concept of shipping it or packing it is going to be a huge ass pain … but still.

Custom Painted Parasol - Thank You, Mahalo, Amore, Gracias

I’ve loved pretty much every picture I’ve seen with a parasol. I really need to think this over.

But … I do love these and WILL FIND A WAY!!!

I’ve found a website where I can either order fully assembled ones or DIY ones, which could make for a great lounge on the beach and assemble project. Just a thought. And I wouldn’t need many … they’re just going to line the aisle.

And I’m still hooked on the balloon idea. Lurve it.


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One thought on “Pinwheels and Parasols … Oh My!!!

  1. Kath says:

    I had an idea…wonder if we can send things ahead to the resort? Maybe they can store em till we get there?? like pom poms and pinwheels and parasols??? Can ya ask the wedding coordinator???


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