Dressed to impress

Since the wedding is going to be on the beach, I think the idea of a long dress that will get sandy and schlagooey is kind of silly. So, I’m opting for short. Like 1950s cocktail party. Something fitted in the bodice, preferably with a dropped waist and a skirt that flares out. I don’t necessarily want to go strapless (Hellooo skin flabs!), yet my FAVORITE dress (as in I’m so obsessed, I’ve had a number of dreams about it) just happens to be lacking in the strap department.

To kick off my ideas, let’s just start the bar high and we’ll work our way down from there, shall we?

I am so madly head-over-heels for this Val Stefani design. I saw it and I swear my heart skipped a beat. I think the crumbcatcher is fun and adds an added level of class. The inverted basque waist will flatter me and I love the flared knee-length skirt. The back also comes down into a small V and is topped off by those old-fashioned buttons that look so pretty on wedding dresses. It may be my favorite thing about it. Did I mention I love this dress?

Val Stefani S1961

The next two, both by Priscilla of Boston, have an element I love and each has an element I don’t really love. The halter dress is fun and flirty, but I’m afraid the waist may come up too high. May be one of those I have to try on. And I love the one with the tulle poking out of the bottom, which I think is very unique, but I don’t love how stiff the boning looks in the bodice.

Gown features deep scoop back neckline, abundant full skirt, and hidden pockets.

There have been a few other dresses I’ve seen on the multitude of wedding-related Web sites I frequent. Unfortunately, the vast majority have some flowery or bow or lace element that I cannot stand. I want something fairly simple but still stunning. I would like a little shine or bling of some sort on it, but not entirely necessary, as long as the dress in and of itself is eye catching.

One cost-effective, though not nearly as enticing, idea I had would be to use olivialuca.com to design my
dress, then see if a seamstress could add some details, like old-fashioned buttons or bling or something.

I also would be fairly open to trying some actual vintage dresses, so if anyone sees anything good, let me know!!! And let me know what you think of these dresses!!!!


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2 thoughts on “Dressed to impress

  1. LLN says:

    Hey, do you have the style info on that gorgeous val stefani dress? I just stumbled on your site and am loving it!

    • HalfPint1011 says:

      I wish I did. I’m pretty sure it was a discontinued style. The style number was s1961. Maybe Google it to see if you can find one used or at a super cheap price. Good luck! And let me know, because I loved that dress!


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