Ideas, ideas, oh, so many ideas!

In all this planning, I’ve gotten so many ideas. Here are just a few, mainly of some things I’d love to do. Obviously the color scheme is going to be blue and some orangey-tangeriney color, which I think the first picture depicts perfectly. Though, I feel like heavier fabrics like satin would be a bit too much for Hawaii, so I’m thinking more of a chiffon or jersey type.

For my hairstyle, I’d love to have some kinda curly number that I could wear up for the ceremony, but just presto-wambo! pull some bobby pins out and wear it down for the ceremony. Also, I want some small braids around the crown of my head, so if anyone sees any fantastic hairstyle involving that, please let me know!!!

Each of Jennifer’s four bridesmaids wore blue V-neck dresses with a scoop back by Bill Levkoff. They had the floor-length dresses tailored to cocktail length.

Guests entered Kimberly and Josh‘s ceremony space to find aqua-colored fans set on the white chairs to help ward off the heat.

the goddessA divine alternative to a basic updo, this carefree-looking Grecian style is curled, twisted, and pinned at random so it‘s practically effortless to re-create.

Flip-flops in the wedding‘s signature colors were available for guests at the ceremony and by the dance floor.

All photos courtesy of

If anyone can find old-school  Polaroid cameras, please let me know. I’m on a desperate hunt!!!


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3 thoughts on “Ideas, ideas, oh, so many ideas!

  1. nico says:

    I don’t like the red and yellow balls in the pool. Sooooorrrry!

  2. Sarah says:

    Where are these balls Nicole is speaking of?


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