I had another post in mind. But it hit a speedbump. Which is fine. I understand. But it brought up a valid point.

Weddings are intensely personal, private things. And yet, in the current technology-filled times, they aren’t. They’re on the blogosphere, they’re in the media. They’re EVERYWHERE.

Meg at A Practical Wedding wrote in a post some time ago about keeping some privacy in your wedding.

ESB tweeted about being super pissed if someone tweeted a sh*tty cellphone pic of your wedding.

Offbeat Bride has featured more than a couple weddings where the ceremony was just the couple and the reception included everyone else. Or where the couple whispered their vows to one another.

When our photos went live and our slideshow (have you watched it yet???) went up, I went crazy with emailing it to people and posting on Facebook. I even staged a viewing in my office.

But, some people aren’t that attention crazy. And maybe it’s not just about the attention.

For me, while (I’m an only child, so … derrr.) I do love attention, it’s more about sharing. Sharing with people who couldn’t be there, reminiscing with those that were. Sharing those great moments that not everyone sees on a day-to-day basis. Sharing something special.

I, personally, love to show everyone what an awesome time we had. How much love was in the air, how into karaoke we get and what a great bunch of people we had around us. I worked two damn years on the thing. Of course I want to show it off!

But there are people who would rather keep their weddings, marriages, intensely private. Who don’t want to share ideas, details or pictures. Who want to store them for their own little stash, to return to when they want to without people pestering them. To remember the moments for themselves without others weighing in or providing commentary. And that’s awesome. It’s special. And sweet.

Above all, the decision to shout about your wedding from the treetops or keep your photos hidden in a cubbyhole should be yours and your husbands.

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