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The Kind of Photos I’d Prefer (And Those I Wouldn’t)

Let’s start with the big fat NYEEEEOOTTTT:


I’m 5-foot-2. I’m close to the ground. I like it that way. There is no reason me, nor anyone, should feel the need to convey our excitement through an ill-fated attempt to defy gravity.

Reluctant Groom

Contrived. Misogynistic. Duuuuumb.

Cake Smaaaaaaaaassshhhh!!!!

Passive-aggressive, ruins expensive hair and makeup and a perfectly wretched waste of cake.

Pants-Dropping G-Men

Pants on the ground, pants on the ground. Lookin like a FOOOOOL with your pants on the ground.

How about what I do want?

At Least One Really Rad Shot of Me

Wedding High-Five

Obligatory Thumbs-Up

And Most Definitely, A Re-Creation of This


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