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Well, we’re halfway there to a whole damn year. Many of my favorite blogs are doing a roundup of posts, or best of’s or sumthin’ sumthin’ of that sort.

But, considering just six months ago we took the plunge, tied the knot, got wedinated, I thought it more apt to talk about that.

In the 184 days since that radtastic day on the beach in Hawaii, there’s been a lot of momentum in the Moynihan-Hunter household:

We got a new apartment, just the three of us.

– I got a promotion.

– We both turned 27.

– We had our first Thanksgiving together.

– We shared our first New Year’s kiss.

-We met some amazing friends, and watched those amazing friends move away.

– I got a gig contributing to one of my favorite blogs.

– One of our good friends got engaged.

– Said friend became a dad for a second time.


– And we’ve grown closer, day by day.

There have been adventures, some good, some bad, that have arisen in our journey together in the last six months. I hope every day will hold the promise and opportunity of us building our bond and enjoying every minute together.

Happy Half-iversary, love.

Top photo: Persimmon Images.

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