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Mistakenly, I began browsing Etsy tonight. And I say mistakenly because I love it so much that, much like I just did, I lose at least an hour of my life nearly every time I log on … I. JUST. CAN’T. STOP.

Well, I thought I’d try to be semi-productive with my obsessive browsing and bring you some radtastic off-the-beaten-path rings that would rock for engagement rings or just some baller bling.

Big White Pearl Ring Sterling Silver Adjustable by seller arosha

Swan sterling silver titanium ring by seller largentolab

Stackable ring Watermelon turmaline sterling and gold by seller riorita

Teal Sea Glass Ring by seller dreamcat

Labradorite Sterling Silver Stacking Rings by seller Kira Ferrer

Heart Stacking Ring in Sterling Silver by seller PrettyThingsGalore

And, just because of my coffee addiction …

Coffee Bean Sterling Silver Ring by seller earthdragonkm

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