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And now for the pretty stuff …

I figured after the surrrious post the other day, it’d be fun to have purdy schtuff to ogle.

First up? Our guest board. It’s a skateboard deck, in my blue, found online for $12. Add some silver Sharpie signatures, and voila!

We found some of these old-school babies. Plastic drink charms! A bag of 250 was about $11. Not bad, eh?

I probably should have started with our stationary, but whoopsie! Our invitations are from Invitations by Dawn. By ordering them on Labor Day weekend, we got a killer discount. And I love the way they turned out! Our Save the Dates are postcards the hotel sent us. We printed on clear labels and I hand-addressed each one.

I got my Red Sox garter! It was a bit pricey … but so worth it.

I won a personalized hanger from the Lila Frances Etsy shop. Figured it would be cute for pics with my dress.

Leigh’s outfit is great. The shorts have a really subtle pinstripe. Now we just need his Chucks and hat.

Our rings turned out beautifully!!! They even have our wedding date on the inside.

And just because I can … here’s my precious 😉

Finally, all of this is stuffed into boxes and is chilling in Weddingland.


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