Who knows what's lurking ...

So, the good news with the new apartment is that we have a spare room.

The bad news? We have a spare room. That seems to be a catch-all for … all.

We legitimately are/were working obscene hours and couldn’t be fussed with facing the abyss. But now that it’s cold-weather season and all my cardigans, socks, boots, snowboard gear, etc. are buried within, I have to start seriously considering the possibility of facing the monstrosity.

Also, we have friends visiting this winter. And a spare room really should also be a guest room, right?

Sigh. Good thing I’ll have pleeeenty of time this winter since I was only able to get a 10-day ski pass.

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One thought on “Daunting.

  1. Melissa says:

    Lol…..that looks like our spare room. I’m making a pledge tonight to tackle it tomorrow…this blog post is sign for me to get to it and stop procrastinating.


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