On the chickadee side, my bestest friend and Lunchbox Brigade Leader Shane planned some awesomeness, even if the Usual Suspects Leader Andrew did usurp it. She had originally booked the party bus, so we took it after the boys. We stopped at a bar in downtown Kona, which was really cool because I’d actually been there on my first and only other trip to the island, when I was 16. Then it was off to KBXtreme to join the boys for a little karaoke action. Kim and Shane teamed up to dress me in a pink sash, a Bride-to-Be ballcap with a veil attached and a bunch of balloons with a penis sucker (which was horrible) and straw attached. I’d mistakenly told Kim I hated these types of things … that’ll teach me.

Poor Alex decided to join us ... don't think he knew what he was getting in to.

Sooz is ALWAYS the life of the party.

Two of my new favorite people.

I'm even drinking pink! Ewwww.

Party Karate!


Bottoms up ...

And down the hatch.

She's a wily one.


His face may be a foot, but I love him.

Bus: Koki Entertainment

All photos by Persimmon Images.

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One thought on “Hens.

  1. Oooh what a fun night. I want to do it again!


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