I’ve been hearing the same inquiry a lot lately.

“How’s married life?”

I have the same standard answer.

The same. Just an extra piece of jewelry.

It’s an answer that gets me out of a lot of inane small talk and allows the conversation to move forward.

But … it’s not the whole truth. It’s not a lie, but it’s an easy brush-over.

The truth is … it’s easier.

There’s a serenity. I mean, the “extra piece of jewelry” response is pretty fitting, because it’s an easy answer. But life is easier. There’s never a moment of pseudo-panic during a fight where I start hyperventilating. There’s uber rare occurrences of psycho pissed-offness.

Also, because we lived together before we were married, and even though now it’s just the two (three) of us, we know each other. We know the asinine habits, the annoying quirks, the endearing touches, the OCD … or lack thereof. It’s not a new adjustment on top of a new adjustment.

It’s just an extra piece of jewelry … and that spare room full of crap.

In short, we just have to move past whatever is not conducive to the cut of our jib. We have to. Because we made that promise. So while it may be momentarily hard, in the long run, it’s easier. And that’s the absolute glory of making that commitment. It makes the hard stuff easier.

Photo: Persimmon Images. My most ‘derrrrp’ moment in the entire collection. Also? I love that Shan and Sooz are looking at me, horrified.

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One thought on “Question.

  1. rrcempey says:

    You’ve got it. Always keep this in mind, and you’ll be peachy. 🙂


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