Experience: Dress.

Lisa just recently got engaged. She was in theatre with Aussie and I oh-so-gently chided her into giving me occasional guest post updates on her experience planning her Perth, Australia, wedding. Hopefully this is the first of many, as I know I’m entirely intrigued about what Lisa has on her adorable little brain for her November 2013 wedding day.

How freaking adorable is she?

























Wedding Dress Shopping is like shopping for Venetian glass. Every piece is exquisite. It seems impossible to decide. But once you take a piece home, away from all the others, you realise the perfection, the simple details you couldn’t appreciate before.

I went wedding dress shopping for the first time on Saturday. I took my Mum, Sister and Nanna. It was such a wonderful time with the girls and one that I will never forget. We only had time to go into one shop on Saturday so I decided on Sarrisha’s located south of Perth, Western Australia. The shop is one of the few bridal shops that allow you to walk in and try on any outfit you want without an appointment. The atmosphere was relaxed and casual, making me feel comfortable and excited about the experience. I didn’t realise how big a deal it was until I went inside and started to feel really nervous! But soon enough I had 20 dresses in the change room and off I went!

The dress I had set my heart on looked lovely but just didn’t feel right. It was the last dress I tried on that I think might be the one … It was so beautiful and I felt so comfortable in it. Every girl coming in and out of the change rooms kept telling the dressmakers that they were planning to lose weight before the big day. They were picking outfits they thought would look better once they had lost weight. I laughed as I was no different. There is such a focus on losing weight and having the perfect wedding body. But when I put on the last dress it looked good on me right now, just as I am and I knew that was the dress I wanted; One where I didn’t have to sacrifice the fun times in order to look a certain way on the day.

I am not sure if I will even bother looking anywhere else because the dress is just perfect and besides, all the dresses are perfect in their own way. You could end up looking forever. I don’t think I need to put myself through unnecessary stress. Besides, my second favourite dress was a gigantic Scarlett O’Hara-style dress. It was massive and I could barely move. I looked like a giant marshmallow. If it wasn’t for the fact I could not move, I think I would have taken it on the spot! No one else liked it. But frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn! I felt wicked. Hehe!

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