I’ve learned some hard truths lately.

I’ve learned hard truths in the past, but it’s easier now. It’s easier now because I have someone I can share those hard truths with. My anxieties dissipate when I’m able to have those honest conversations, when I can share why those hard truths hurt.

Though he may not always completely understand why they make me hurt, just knowing he knows they affect me and is willing to be there when I need help moving beyond them helps.

It’s a big world, and we’re but two small people (har har), but knowing I have someone in my corner to help me, to love me and to trust me helps.

The hardest truth I’ve shared with him is that I will love and continue to love him through difficult times and easy times. It’s the greatest hard truth. It makes all the others, all the ones coming in from the outside, seem almost insignificant.

It’s really great when love helps hurt disappear.

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