It’s fun to watch right now. My friends who got engaged about the same time I did are getting married. And new friends are engaged. And in a couple years’, or a year’s, time, they’ll get married. And surely by then, even more friends will be engaged. And the cycle will begin again.

I have one friend who is getting married this weekend and I’m thrilled beyond for her. I have three more who’ve all gotten hitched between now and when Aussie and I did. I have one who is so unbelievably mum about her planning that it’s driving me crazy with anticipation. I have one very, very special friend who is getting married next summer. And she’s just beginning the planning process.

I’ve watched with sheer enthrallment as they’ve experienced similar pains, excitements, trials and tribulations as to what I experienced. I get pangs of flashbacks as the stress sets in and as the giddiness overflows.

Congratulations to all of you. May your love forever overshadow the hell of planning and may your wedding day be just one step toward a lifetime of happiness.

Photo Via The Knotty Bride.
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