The Hunt.

apartment hunting, post-wedding

It’s been two years since we’ve had to engage in the hunt. We’ve been living happily in our little corner of town, watching roommates come and go, just as we engage in watching people meander down the bike path that runs through our back yard.

But now is the time, now that we have the wedding in the past and other great adventures ahead, for us to find a space to call our own. A place where we can post up, settle down and rock on.

But … therein lies the problem. Jackson isn’t exactly heaven for renters. At least right now it’s not. There’s usually a good-size turnover during the shoulder seasons. However, that’s not for another month or so. Occasionally luck will strike and a real gem will unexpectedly come on the market, but that’s few and far between and you really have to have a sharp eye on the listings.

As much as I would prefer to bask in the glow of the event that just passed, it’s time to refocus my attention so we can shift to the next stage. Which means crossing my fingers and keeping one eye on the classifieds.

Wish us luck!

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One thought on “The Hunt.

  1. britta says:

    good things happen for good people.. You’ll find it!


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