Can’t Stop This Feeling …

Of the tropics, that is.


Upon our return, we went grocery shopping. And, as it were, we ended up buying a lot of items we had consumed in Hawaii. Not the least of which was a pineapple-orange juice mix and a carton of guava juice. Straight up passionfruit juice is hard to come by, so I figured this would be the next best thing to the POG juice I so fell in love with.

Not only was it a rad pick-me-up in the morning with my coffee (as a side, not IN), but it mixed really well with … anything. Tonight’s pick? Sailor Jerry’s rum. Which, incidentally, we found for the first time EVAR in a bar at Tommy Bahama‘s when we were having lunch. Imagine Aussie’s delight!

The transition back into work hasn’t been hard … just, uneventful. Obv. I wish I was still on vacation. But we did have a few great moments before we got back into the swing.

On Monday night we had a pseudo-“Farewell vacation/honeymoon” dinner. The food could have been better, but the company was delightful. We even ordered a bottle of Greg Norman sparkling wine as a minor ode to our beloved friends Down Under (and possibly those in Cali, since it’s made there).

And on the bus, I was kind of giggling about how our shoe choice hasn’t changed since the wedding. Except my nice wedding flip-flops have disappeared from existence. Le sigh.

I’m not really sure if the yearning for a tropical clime will leave me, now that I got it again for the first time in about 10 years. But hey, at least I know housing is cheap there and it could always be a contingency plan.


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