We’ve started the process of figuring out what we need to take.

I know … I know. It’s Hawaii. How much can we truly need? Welll …

Bachelorette party: Dress, fancy shoes, clutch.

Adventures: Real shoes, hat, backpack, long-sleeve shirt, shorts, bathing suit, T-shirt/tank.

Beach: Bathing suit. Duh.

Dinners: Dresses and skirts.

Travelling: Comfy yet smart outfits, books, magazines. But we’ll also have at least two days on the road before flying and possibly the same coming back. Which is harder to plan/pack for.

Logistics: Laptop, iPod, notebook, calendar.

Wedding: Oh god … well … we’ve got a fair amount. Not TONS, by any means, but it’s still enough to leave us scratching our heads about whether to ship a package or just take two bags. As you may remember, we’ve got some decorations we’re taking. And I’ve got all those shoes (oh, and add the flip-flops I got for when my footsies can no longer deal). And then there’s making sure we have everything we need for our respective ensembles. Plus the gifts for my side and his side (more on this later … I don’t want to ruin the surprises).

So … we’re taking two bags. It was really a big debate, but we know we’ll come back with more than we took and it would be helpful to start out with the extra room as is.

Now then … which dresses? Always the hardest part.

Also? I’ll be lounging on the beach sippin’ on a fruity cocktail in 6 days. Whaaaaat!


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