Ha, not that kind. You lushes.

OK, so I know I covered some of the basics of what photos we do/do not want.

But I think it’s time to get creative.

Robin at the Broke-Ass Bride posted about her “shot list” the other day and it got me mulling over more ideas beyond the familial, friendly and minorly quirky.

I would like to hand off The Book to my darling engaged friend right before the ceremony.

A pre-ceremony drink will be in order. And a photo of said drink is DEFINITELY in order.

A shot of my Red Sox garter is a must.

Me and my homies being as awesome as we are.

Ditto for Aussie and his homies.

My shoes. All *ahem* three pair.

Aussie and his homies proudly displaying their homie gifts.

Daddio’s face when he hears the music to the first song.

Daddio and I rocking out.

Aussie and Kath rocking out.

Our rings on the drink charms/guest deck/Hawaii guide book. Or somewhere else awesome. Any ideas?

A photo of my Uncle JVM crying. Because he will. I will make it so.

A photo of a photo of our Ring Goggie.

Me playing bocce ball. In my dress. Oh, the determination!

A pick of me, drink in hand or right nearby, decompressing.

One of my family members either wildly drunk or passed out. Also? Any one of my older male family members, or Aussie’s, doing the White Man’s Upper-bite

Aussies and Irish intermingling.

The sunset.

A turtle.

Someone lounging in a hammock. Bonus points for passed out.

Other couples feeling the love.

That’s a good start. Or finish? Ha.

What do you think?

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