Gettin’ Serrrrious.

Alright, kidlets. I need help. In my quest to win the Interwebz and be a “successful” blogger (everyone’s definition of success is different. Mine is to work for myself and be able to write about what I love … obv.) I need to start featuring stuff that isn’t just about me.

So … are you getting married? Did you get married, even ages ago? Do you have friends who are getting married? Wanna share? I’d love stories, photos, musings, etc. Let’s see all the prettiness, intellectualism and all around amazeballzness. Of course, please cite all sources.

Email me at: halfpint.words at gmail dot com.

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6 thoughts on “Gettin’ Serrrrious.

  1. Rebecca Empey says:

    I’d love to help. What sort of stories are you looking for?

    • HalfPint1011 says:

      Ohhh!!! That would be great!! How about some planning stuff … or stories from the day of? What caused you stress? What was something awesome but unexpected? What were you sure was going to be a total disaster that wasn’t … or maybe was but was fine? What would you do differently now? Any of the above. That would be lovely!!!! You’re the best!

    • HalfPint1011 says:

      Also, email me. And give me some sort of “handle” for you. Maybe a day of pic as well?

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  3. Preeti says:

    I’d love to share some wedding stories if you want. (from an indian-crazy-wedding-swedish-perspective)


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