And Now We …

Hurry up and wait.

I mean, there’s not much else we can do. Tweak the ceremony? Slowly but surely. Get a vague idea of bar/food? Vaguely. Crunch numbers over and over and over? Crunching. Shit, if the numbers were my abs, I’d have a freaking 12-pack by now.

It’s kind of making me stir-crazy. The weather isn’t nice enough to go play outside to get my mind off of it. I’ve already scrubbed the oven and the refrigerator. I have NO freelance work right now.

I’ve been pretty much winning the Interwebz.

And waiting …

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One thought on “And Now We …

  1. Rebecca Empey says:

    You’re more than welcome to come scrub my oven and refrigerator… 😉


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