For Serious: Help A Sistah Out.

OK, so, you guys have seen me drop the Broke-Assness here before … she’s the one who led me to Kat and Justin, she’s the one who had the fantastical craft pom idea.

Shit, I even applied for a job with her. And she highly complimented me. She’s one of the first wedding blogs I started reading. And I definitely think she’s the first blog I commented on … and now I’m an addict.

Anyway, Dana needs help. And, like me, she hates asking for it. But she did, so I’m doing what I can.

Dana needs blogland to spread the word. And I know a few of you have your own blogs. So … do it. Please.
Dana needs money. Even one dolla, make you holla.
Dana needs recipes. So … dig out those rolodexes of family comforts and email them to me or her (contact her here for more info).

Please help her out. She’s been a huge inspiration to me in so many ways.


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2 thoughts on “For Serious: Help A Sistah Out.

  1. Thank you so so much for this! You are such a doll, and I’m honored to have you in my community and life. I’m not even gonna apologize for being your wedding blog gateway drug, because otherwise I wouldn’t know you 😛
    Thank you so much for everything. Like, every everything. xoxoox

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