Days. Left. To go.

As Aud so appropriately put it: Married, not buried. Thank you for that, bt-dubs.

Yep. Officially under a hundo. When we started there were 682. We’ve come that far.


In that time, we’ve experienced loss, joy, frustration, panic, rage, stress and bliss. We’ve cried, fought, laughed, loved and drank. We learned more about one another and pissed each other off. We’ve grown together and separately. We’ve gone through roommates, made new friends and said goodbye to others. We’ve saved money, made some big purchases and consequently big decisions.

We’ve planned a wedding.

As 583 days have passed, we’ve changed our minds about many things. But one thing hasn’t changed: We love each other. We want to be with each other. And in 99 days, we will be making one of the biggest commitments of either of our lives. We will be vowing to love the other, with all our hearts, through the good, the bad and the mundane. Through the happiness and the tears. Through moves, jobs and baseball season. We will be saying “I will” to spending the rest of our days with one another.

And you know what? It’s thrilling. It’s scary as hell and surreal, but thrilling.



P.S.: I debated on whether to go with 99 bottles of beer, Route 99, 99 restaurant, 99 cents … but then I realized NOFX did a cover of “99 Red Balloons” and der! Obv. Done deal.




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