Making It All Up.

This, to me, is the worst part. I mean, I have the same routine EVERY DAY. Powder, black eyeliner, mascara and go. Done. Easy peasy. But …

Shouldn’t it be different on that day? Prolly. So I’ve been perusing the Interwebz for ideas.

This much I know: I want an assload of mascara, I want my eyes to stand out and I want red lips.

So, here’s what I’ve found:



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2 thoughts on “Making It All Up.

  1. Claire says:

    Maybe it is a day for fake lashes, they can do wonders!

  2. ddo says:

    Remember that your beautiful Moynihan Blues speak for themselves so assloads of masq will only muddy the waters. If you can find somthing that makes them pop without being overbearing go fer it. That is probably the only fashion advice you will ever get from me. I think I am actually channeling my mom and fashion designer aunt Mary right now. Girl 3 wins although Ivanka’s not bad,


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